This section describes how to review an agreement document created or imported by intelligent discovery in Lightning from the Intelligent Discovery Status panel. You can see the Intelligent Discovery Status panel only when intelligent discovery is in progress. After the imported document is processed, you can review the document.

The following screenshot displays the intelligent discovery statuses of a document imported using intelligent discovery:

When you complete the review of an offline document (created or imported):

  • All the clauses in the document are updated to Inserted in the Agreement Clauses section
  • The Agreement Status Category is updated to In Authoring
  • The Agreement Status is updated to Author Contract.

When you complete the review of an executed document (uploaded as a signed document):

  • All the clauses in the document are updated to Final in the Agreement Clauses section
  • The Agreement Status Category is updated to In Filling. 
  • The Agreement Status is updated to blank.


You must configure the intelligent discovery status panel in lightning. For more information, see Configuring Intelligent Discovery Status Panel in Lightning.

You can perform the following actions on the Intelligent Discovery Status panel:

  • Click the refresh icon () to refresh the intelligent discovery processing status.

    Ensure that you do not click the refresh icon multiple times. You must wait for the processing to complete.

  • Click the info icon () to view the latest information for the intelligent discovery status.
    The intelligent discovery will take some time. After the processing is completed successfully, you will receive an email.

  • Click the Ready for Review link to review the imported document.

  • If the processing fails, you can hover on the  icon to view the error. Click Retry Import Document to revert the agreement Status Category and Status to the previous status. After the agreement status reverts to the previous status, you can click Import Offline Document to restart the Intelligent Discovery.

To review an intelligently imported document in Lightning

  1. Click the Ready for Review hyperlink on the Intelligent Discovery panel.
    This displays the document viewer. 
    The Language, Document Search, Page Navigation, and OCR Quality of the document are displayed at the top of the document viewer. The OCR quality determines the quality of the transcription recognized by OCR. 
    When a processed document size is greater than 10 MB, you cannot review the document, but you can download the processed document. Click the Download File Returned From Intelligent Discovery hyperlink to download the processed document.
  2. On the Agreement Detail tab, you can review the details extracted from the imported document and modify them as required.

    When the Use Normalization setting is enabled while configuring intelligent discovery settings, the agreement details are extracted as strings and these strings are displayed below each agreement field. These strings are normalized and displayed as field values. If the Intelligent Discovery encounters any issue, the date and currency watermark is displayed for the Date and Currency fields. If you need to modify the extracted field values, you can edit the field values and add the required values. If multiple values are extracted for a field, you can select the correct value from the dropdown.

    The fields in the Agreement Detail tab are configurable and may vary based on the administrator settings. For more information, see .Reviewing an Agreement Created by Intelligent Discovery in Lightning vWinter-20

  3. On the Clauses tab, you can view all the extracted clauses. When you select a clause, you are navigated to the clause location in the document. When you select a clause that contains special characters and the system is unable to locate the selected clause in the document, you can see a message. When you click Ok, you are navigated to the page that contains the clause. You can perform the following tasks in the Clauses tab:

    1. To add a clause:

      1. Click Add Clause.

      2. Enter the following details:

        • Clause Name: Enter the clause name.

        • Clause Text: Enter the clause text. 

      3. Click Add Clause.

    2. To mark a clause from the PDF document:
      1. Select the text in the document, right-click, and select Add Clause. The Add Clause window with the following fields is displayed.
        • Clause Name: Set to a clause name by default. 
        • Mapped Clause Details: Clause text of the default clause.
        • Clause Text: Clause text selected from PDF.
      2. Enter the following details:
        • Clause Name: Select a clause from the dropdown to add to an existing clause or click New and enter the name of the clause.
          When you select a clause from the dropdown, the Mapped Clause Details change accordingly. When you click New, only clause text is displayed.
        • Clause Text: Displays the selected clause. 
      1. Click Add.
    3. To modify a clause:

      1. Click the icon. The Edit Clause page is displayed. 

      2. Modify the following details:

        • Clause Name: Modify the name of the clause.

        • Clause Text: Modify the text of the clause.

      3. Click Save.

    4. To delete a clause:

      1. Click the  icon. This displays Confirm Delete window.

      2. Click Yes.

  4. To save the agreement document, click Save
    You can check out the document with X-Author Contracts and version it.

  5. To save your review and revisit the review screen later:

    1. Click Cancel. The Warning message is displayed prompting you to confirm if you want to proceed.

    2. Click Yes.
      If you had added or modified a clause, the new clause or changes to the clause are saved.

  6. To download highlighted or unhighlighted documents:
    1. Navigate to IDE Job Section.
    2. Click the KIRA hyperlink.
    3. In the Related tab, select a document you need to download either from Files or Notes & Attachments section.
      This opens the document in preview mode. 
    4. Click the Download button on the top of the page.
      This downloads the document in the default download location of the browser.

    You can select the highlighted and unhighlighted documents from Document Version Details while sending for review, signatures, or eSignatures.