Clause Library is a repository of standard clause language. Your org administrator pre-populates the Clause Library with your legal team’s pre-approved terms and conditions that allow the users to build contracts. You can insert clauses from Clause Library directly into the agreement document and track and manage changes to clause content as negotiations proceed. You can also insert clauses with fields, without fields, and with segments. You can use Clause Library to:

  • Search Clauses
  • View Clauses
  • Insert Clauses

You can work with Clause Library based on the access mode defined for your user profile. For more information, see Working with Different UI Modes.

The following screenshots display the various actions in Clause Library:


You cannot insert a clause within a clause.

To search clauses in the Clause Library

  1. Open a document in OCC.

  2. Click the Clause Library icon ().
  3. Click the Clauses tab.
  4. Enter a search term or keyword in the search box.

  5. (Optional) Select Filters to narrow down search results.
    You can filter your clause search based on clause Category, Subcategory, Locale, and Language.

  6. Click the Search button.
    Based on the search and filter criteria, the search results (clauses) are displayed and the search term is highlighted as shown in the below screenshot. You can click the Show Search hyperlink to review the search and filter criteria.

To view a clause

  1. From the search results, select a clause and click .
  2. From the dropdown, select View Clause.
    This displays clause text.

To insert a clause 

  1. Place the cursor at an appropriate place to insert a clause in the document.
  2. Search for the clause and select a clause and click .
    or When you view a clause, click .
  3. From the dropdown, select Insert.
    The clause is inserted as a smart clause at the cursor position. You can view the inserted smart clause and fields in the smart clause in the Smart Data panel