Comments allow you to bring attention or provide additional information to other collaborators reading a document. You can add, edit, delete, reply, resolve, and re-open comments during online contract collaboration (OCC). You can also add another comment on the commented text. You can view the comments added in X-Author for Contracts in OCC. You can also view the comments added in OCC in X-Author for Contracts. 

You can work with comments based on the access mode defined for your user profile. For more information, see Working with Different UI Modes.

To add a comment

  1. Open a document.
  2. Select the text you that you need to comment on.
  3. If you are in Comment Only mode, click the comments icon ().
    If you are in any other mode, click  and select Add Comment.
    This displays a comment box in the margin of the document and the selected text gets highlighted.
  4. Add your comment in the comment box.
  5. Click the ok icon () to save the comment.
    On the comment, you can view the name of the commenter and date and time that the comment was made.

To edit a comment

Prerequisite: You can only edit comments that you have added.

  1. Select a comment that you need to edit.
  2. Click the edit icon () and modify the comment.
    This displays that the comment was edited in OCC.

To delete a comment

  1. Select a comment that you need to delete.
  2. Click the delete icon ().
    This displays Delete comment? dialogue.
  3. Click the ok icon () to delete the comment.
    If you delete a parent comment, then the child comments will also get deleted.

To reply to a comment

  1. Select a comment that you need to reply to.
    This displays the reply box below the comment.
  2. Type your reply and click the ok icon () to save the reply.

To resolve a comment

  1. Select a comment that you need to resolve.
  2. Click the resolve icon () on the parent comment to resolve the comment.

To reopen a resolved comment

  1. Hover over a resolved comment the reopen icon changes from  to .
  2. Click the re-open icon () on the parent comment to unresolve the comment.