Release Added/Modified


Version 11.582 (Winter 2020)Mandatory Configuration for Salesforce Lightning Users
Ability to Define OCC Access Mode for User Profiles
Ability to Download Documents Processed by Intelligent Discovery
Enhanced Action Panel in Lightning
Ability to Skip Steps During Agreement Activation
Renamed Intelligent Import 
Enhanced UI for Importing Offline Documents
Ability to Remove Path Field
Ability to Upload Reviewed Documents from the Agreement Detail Page
Ability to Configure Email Templates in Lightning
Updates to the Review Cycle 
Ability to Open the Agreement Detail page from the Search Contract Documents Page
Ability to Upload Signed Documents using Intelligent Discovery
Ability to Send Large Files for Review and Signatures 
Enhancements to the Generate Document Page
Updates to Activating Agreements
Ability to Retain the Name of the Imported Document in the Merged Document
Ability to Change the Document Type and Add Comments While Importing Supporting Documents
Ability to Refresh Intelligent Discovery Status and the Retry Import Document
Enhanced Intelligent Discovery Data Processing 
Removed the Import Large Files Button

Version 11.547 (Summer 2020)

Ability to Collaborate Online

Ability to Merge Documents in Salesforce Lightning

Ability to Identify Document Type for Version Aware Agreement 

Ability to Import Supporting Documents 

Ability to Ending Parallel Review without Document

Ability to Notify a Reviewer on Review Cancellation

Enhancement to Parallel Review 

Ability to View Number of Pages and the Language of the Document on Document Viewer

Enhancement to Intelligent Import 

Support for Mapping Project and Record Type to Provisions 

Ability to Test IDE Connection

Ability to Navigate to the Clause while Reviewing Intelligently Imported Document

Ability to Edit Email Templates for Intelligent Processing

Ability to Upload Signed Documents using Intelligent Import

Ability to Configure the Availability of the Upload Signed Document Button

Ability Configure Columns in the Template Selection Page in Lightning

Ability to Add Help Text for Template Selection

Ability to Add Custom Button API Names in Salesforce Lightning

Document Version Support for Signed Documents

Apttus User Experience Analysis

Version 11.518 (Spring ’20)

Upload Signed Documents in Lightning

Intelligent Import Admin Console for Lightning

Import Large Files in Lightning

Run Wizard in Lightning

Lite User License

Single Sign-on for Salesforce and Kira

Updates to Installation

Delete Documents from Kira

Retrieve Highlighted Documents from Kira

Update to Clause Status

Apttus User Experience Analysis

New Comply System Properties

Version 10.491 (Winter ’19)

Ability to Send Agreement Documents for Microsoft Teams Review

New Agreement Hierarchy View for Accounts

New In-Effect View to Access In-Effect Agreement Details

Support for Salesforce Lightning Console

New Cloning Specifications

Introduced Clause Versioning

Updates to Basic Search Filters

Updates to the Review Cycle Page

Restriction for Activating an Agreement

Updates to Agreement Clauses

Updates to Emailing Multiple Agreement Documents

Introduced the Executed Date Field

Updates to Manage Package

10.465 (Summer '19)

View Agreement Hierarchy

Searching Agreement Documents

Send Agreement Documents for Parallel Review

10.444 (Spring ’19)

Send Highlighted or Unhighlighted Documents for Review

Email Multiple Agreement Documents

Update Record Type While Amending an Agreement

Introduced the OCR Quality field on the Document Viewer

Ability to View the Regenerate Button on X-Author Contracts

Introduced Review Offline Document Status Popup

Ability to Add Clause When Reviewing an Offline Document

No Restrictions on File Format for Uploading Documents

Validate Email Ids and Contacts

Clause Status for the Executed Documents

OOTB Custom Links for IDE Settings

9.432 (Winter ’18)

Intelligent Data Extraction for Importing Offline Agreements

Ability to Configure Clone Specifications Based on Record Types

Ability to Define Naming Convention for Different Record Types

9.417 (Summer ’18)

Customize Action Panel in Classic Mode

Delete smart elements

9.406 (Spring ‘18 MR)

AgreementHirarchy and AccountHirarchy Schedulable Classes

Add Custom Action Buttons to Agreement Actions Panel in Lightning

Filter for the Additional To Field

Launch Community Portals

Enable Work Orders

8.9.0386 (Summer '17)

New Agreement Pages with Lightning Design

Trim Document Version Property

8.7.0376 (Spring '17)

Auto Increment of Document Versions

X-Author Connected App Security

8.7.0368 (Feb '17)

Enhancement to Agreement Explorer

Hide Smart Boundaries for 3rd Party Users

Template Support for Custom Object Generation

Enhancement to Template Versioning

8.5.0361 (Aug '16 SP1 P2)

Enhancement for generating on a custom object

8.5.0359 (Aug '16 SP1)

Agreement Clause Versioning

8.5.0354 (Aug '16)

Changes to Send for Review/Send for Signature Workflow

8.4.0342 (May '16)

Template Versioning

Contract Wizard Enhancements

Dynamic Document Assembly Enhancements

Draft Agreement Enhancement: Agreement New Field Set

8.4.0321 (Feb '16)

Document Finder

Self-Service Configurable Wizards

Configurable Wizard Enhancements

API: Package Multiple Documents (createWordPackage)

8.3 (Nov '15)

Agreement Explorer

Configurable Wizard Enhancements

8.291 (Aug Patch)

Support for X-Author Contracts Send for Review

8 (Aug '15)

Contract Document Versioning

Enhancements to Agreement Clauses (FX2 Format)

7.1 (Feb '15)

Dynamic Document Assembly Enhancements

Document Generation Capabilities

Auto-selecting a Template

Generate or Preview Page Enhancement for Agreement

Configurable Wizard

Marking an Agreement Document as Private

7 (Oct '14)

Dynamic Document Assembly

Merge Field Optimization

Improvements to Offline Agreements

Improved Document Generation

6.5 (Aug '14)

Enhanced Agreement Rules

6.3 (Aug '13)

Enable Salesforce CRM Content

VisualForce Pages and Custom Objects
(version 6.3)

Clearing Cloned Agreement Fields

6.0 (Apr '12)


Visualforce Pages
(version 6.1)

5.1 (Mar ’12)

Multiple Agreement Generation

Agreement Web Service

Merge Web Service

Inclusion Criteria for Agreement Rules