New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Send Highlighted or Unhighlighted Documents for Review

You can select the highlighted and unhighlighted documents, processed by the optical character recognition software, from the Document Version Details while sending for review, signatures, or eSignatures.

Email Multiple Agreement Documents

You can send a downloadable link for downloading multiple documents of multiple agreements through email, to selected contacts or to a user group without downloading the agreement documents and sending them through email individually.

Update Record Type While Amending an Agreement

The APTS_RecordTypeUpdateOnAmend property enables you to update the record type while amending an agreement.

Introduced the OCR Quality field on the Document Viewer

You can view the optical character recognition quality of the document at the top of the document viewer.

Introduced Review Offline Document Status Popup

You can now view the current status of the offline document extraction in the Review Offline Document Status popup if the document is still being processed.

Ability to Add Clause When Reviewing an Offline Document

You can select text in the document viewer while reviewing an offline document and add a clause.


Following are the enhancements introduced in this release:

No Restrictions on File Format for Uploading Documents

You can upload offline documents in any file format.

Validate Email Ids and Contacts

Setting the APTS_EnableValidationForEmailWithoutUserContact property to true displays an error message when the email IDs or contacts specified in the To or Additional To fields are invalid while sending a document for signatures or review.

Clause Status for the Executed Documents

In the Agreement Clauses section, the clause status is set to Final instead of Inserted for the executed documents.

OOTB Custom Links for IDE Settings

You can access the intelligent import settings links by navigating to the Intelligent Import Settings tab and clicking the Intelligent Import Data Mapping tab. You do not have to add custom links or tabs for IDE settings for the following objects.

  • IDEMapProjectRecordType
  • IDEProvision
  • IDEMapProvisionRecordType
  • DEMapClauseProvision
  • IDEMapFieldProvision