New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

View Agreement Hierarchy

You can click the Agreement Hierarchy button on the Agreement Detail page to view the agreement hierarchy of an agreement. The agreement hierarchy page displays a hierarchical list of agreements related to the current agreement record. Hierarchical relationships to the current agreement include:

  • Parent agreements
  • Child agreements
  • Related agreements
  • Amended and renewed agreements

The new APTS_AgreementHierarchyFields admin entry allows you to add fields that must be displayed on the Agreement Hierarchy page.

Searching Agreement Documents

In the Agreement Document Search tab, you can use keywords, text, or agreement field names (Record Type and Agreement Name) to search agreement documents.

Send Agreement Documents for Parallel Review

This feature allows multiple users to review the document in collaboration when you enable "Parallel Review" and "Enable Document Versioning" Comply System Properties. You can track the progress of the review cycle in the Document Versions section on the Agreement Detail page. You can also add additional reviewers to the review cycle. You can configure an email service to allow a reviewer to end a document review by Email.