New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Ability to Send Agreement Documents for Microsoft Teams Review

You can send the agreement documents to Microsoft Teams for collaboration review. In Microsoft Teams, you can collaboratively edit and review an agreement document with all the team members and view live changes.

New Agreement Hierarchy View for Accounts

You can click the Agreement Hierarchy button on the Account Detail page to view the agreement hierarchy of an Account. The agreement hierarchy page displays a hierarchical list of agreements related to the current Account. The new APTS_AccountHierarchyFields admin entry allows you to add fields that must be displayed on the Agreement Hierarchy page. 

New In-Effect View to Access In-Effect Agreement Details

You can use the In-Effect View to gather key information and agreement data of the agreement that has been In-Effect at least once. In-Effect View is available for the agreements with Status Category as In Effect and Status as Activated. You can view the agreement data such as agreement details, clauses, and documents that are cumulatively effective and enforced by the latest in-effect agreement. The APTS_InEffectViewMetadataFields admin entry allows you to configure fields that must be displayed on the In-Effect View page in the Agreement Details In Effect section.

Support for Salesforce Lightning Console

You can access Contract Management from the Lightning Console. You can use the Lightning Console to Generate, Regenerate, Activate, Amend, Renew, Submit Request, Terminate, Expire, and Clone an agreement.

New Cloning Specifications 

You can create separate cloning specifications to specify the fields that need to be cloned when you clone, amend and renew an agreement. 

After you upgrade to Winter 2019, you need to update APTS_ComplyConfig_<RecordType> to APTS_ComplyConfig_<Action>_<RecordType>. You can continue using the default APTS_ComplyConfig specification. 

Introduced Clause Versioning

You can view all the versions of a clause along with the modified text in the Master Agreement Clauses section. To access this feature you need to install Contract Mangement dependent packagesApttus DocuSign API (v5.88), Apttus Contract DocuSign Integration (v3.38), and Apttus EchoSign Integration (v7.30).


Following are the enhancements introduced in this release:

Updates to Basic Search Filters

You can use the new Basic Filters introduced in this release along with Record Type and Agreement Name to define multiple search criteria. Basic filters include Agreement Number, Agreement Name, Owner ID, Status, Status Category, Agreement Start Date, Agreement End Date, Account, and Record Type. The new APTS_DocumentSearchBasicFilter admin entry allows you to define basic search filters on the Agreement Search page.

Updates to the Review Cycle Page 

You can view the name of the reviewer before the reviewer's email on the Review Cycle page. The Review Cycle Ended On field name is updated to Ended On on the review cycle panel. 

When you track the review status from X-Author Contracts, the buttons on the Review Cycle page are disabled.

Restriction for Activating an Agreement

You cannot activate an agreement if review cycles are in-progress.

Updates to Agreement Clauses

The following table describes the changes to agreement clauses in Winter 2019 in comparison with previous releases:

ReleaseUser ActionClause Action in Contract Management
Prior to Winter 2019Check-out a document from X-Author ContractsOriginal
Check-in a document from X-Author ContractsFinal
Winter 2019Generate or regenerate an agreement in Contract ManagementOriginal

Fully signed agreement in Contract Management (in version aware agreements)

Check-in a document from X-Author Contracts (in non-version aware agreements)


Updates to Emailing Multiple Agreement Documents

The recommended maximum file size to email agreements is 300 MB and the recommended maximum number of flies to email agreements is 100.

Introduced the Executed Date Field 

The Executed Date field is auto-populated when a document is eSigned (Adobe Sign or DocuSign) by all the recipients. A user can manually enter the date when the document has wet signatures or when the signed document is uploaded manually. 

Updates to Manage Package

Contract Management managed packages are not dependent on the Content Directory.