New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Upload Signed Documents in Lightning

You can upload the manually signed document to the agreement in DOC, DOCX, or PDF format. 

Intelligent Import Admin Console for Lightning

You can now configure intelligent import settings, map record types to projects, and synchronize provisions in the Salesforce Lightning mode.

Import Large Files in Lightning

This feature allows you to intelligently import files of size more than 6 MB in the Salesforce Lightning mode.

Run Wizard in Lightning

You can now run the contract wizard in the Salesforce Lightning mode.

Lite User License

You can provide a limited number of logins to Contract Management to a set of users with the help of a Lite License. 

Single Sign-on for Salesforce and Kira 

You can set up single sign-on to authorize users to access Salesforce and Kira with one login.


Following are the enhancements introduced in this release:

Updates to Installation

From this release, you must install the Apttus Base Library before installing or upgrading Contract Management.

Delete Documents from Kira

The DeleteDocumentFromKira property allows you to automatically delete processed documents from Kira.

Retrieve Highlighted Documents from Kira

The retrieveHighlightedDocument property allows you to automatically retrieve highlighted documents from Kira.

Update to Clause Status 

After an agreement document is signed manually, all the clauses are marked as Final in the Agreement Clauses section.

Apttus User Experience Analysis

With this release, in order to better understand and analyze feature usage and the user experience, Apttus is adding a user experience analysis component to its solution. The analytics component allows Apttus to tailor improvements and new features to help meet your business requirements and improve the user experience. No action is required on your part and there will be no impact to any existing product features, system functionality, or configured workflows.

The component collects the following Apttus product usage information only:

  • Apttus user activity, such as page visits, button clicks, features used, APIs called, browser type used, device type used.
  • Apttus user demographic information, such as region, language and role/profile.
  • Tenant-level information, such as Org ID, Org Name and Product Settings.

No personally identifiable information (PII), nor any other proprietary, confidential, or sensitive data will be collected. All information is collected anonymously and cannot be traced to an individual user.

The process involves collecting usage information from both the Apttus user interface (UI) and APIs. An agent on the client-side in the browser collects usage information from the UI and sends messages to Pendo, an encrypted analytics tool. Usage information related to APIs is collected using a REST API call that sends messages to Pendo. Pendo storage is SOC 2 compliant and in accordance with GDPR regulations. For more information, see Pendo’s Data Privacy & Security site.

If you have further questions or would like to opt-out of the user experience analysis, please contact Apttus Customer Support. 

During Apttus Base Library installation, if you see an “Approve Third-Party Access” prompt, this refers to the Apttus User Experience Analysis component. Click Continue to proceed with the installation. 

New Comply System Properties

The following Comply System Properties are introduced in this release:

  • CLM Lite License Profile(s)
  • CLM Lite License Admin Email
  • Email Lite Monitoring Report to Apttus?
  • Inactivate Non-Compliant Lite User
  • Ancestor Selection For Import Offline
  • Asynchronous Checkin Recipient
  • Auto Enable Asynchronous Checkin
  • XAJS End Point