New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Mandatory Configuration for Salesforce Lightning Users

To leverage Winter '20 features in Lightning, you must enable the Enable Files Comply System Property.

Ability to Define OCC Access Mode for User Profiles

A Conga CLM administrator can define an access mode for each user profile or configure sharing settings according to the different actions that users need to perform during the contract review or negotiation process. Based on the permission assigned to a user profile, users can perform various actions in Online Contract Collaboration.


Following are the enhancements introduced in this release:

Ability to Download Documents Processed by Intelligent Discovery

You can download documents that are processed by intelligent discovery for review if the file size exceeds 10 MB.

Enhanced Action Panel in Lightning

You can view all actions that you can perform on the Agreement Detail page for the agreement and documents in the Action Panel. 

Ability to Skip Steps During Agreement Activation

If you use Files in Salesforce Lightning, all the documents are content searchable by default. If you do not want to move documents to other content search libraries, you can skip the Enable Content Search and Remove Draft Documents while activating an agreement. 

Renamed Intelligent Import 

In Winter '20 release, Intelligent Import is renamed Intelligent Discovery.

Enhanced UI for Importing Offline Documents

The UI of the Import Offline Documents page is enhanced for a better user experience. 

Ability to Remove Path Field

You can remove the Path field from the Agreement Document Detail page.

Ability to Upload Reviewed Documents from the Agreement Detail Page

You can use the Upload Reviewed Document button on the Agreement Detail page to end a review by uploading the reviewed document.

Ability to Configure Email Templates in Lightning

You can create separate email templates in Lightning that you can view while submitting request, sending documents for review, and signatures in Lightning. You can also restrict the availability of these email templates to a group of users.

Updates to the Review Cycle 

You can refresh the review cycle status and see the Add Reviewer button for the in-progress review cycles.

Ability to Open the Agreement Detail page from the Search Contract Documents Page

You can click the Agreement Name and Agreement Number hyperlink in the Search Contract Documents Page to navigate to the Agreement Detail page.

Ability to Upload Signed Documents using Intelligent Discovery

You can import manually signed documents using intelligent discovery.

Ability to Send Large Files for Review and Signatures 

According to the Email Attachments configuration, when you send documents for review, recipients can view the documents as links or HTML attachments. 

Enhancements to the Generate Document Page

The Generate Document page is enhanced for a better user experience.

Updates to Activating Agreements

If you need to select documents that exceed the file size of 40MB, ensure that the APTS_ContentRepositoryType admin entry value is either Chatter or Content. If the APTS_ContentRepositoryType admin entry value is Document, you cannot select documents that exceed the file size of 5MB. This is a Salesforce limitation.

Ability to Retain the Name of the Imported Document in the Merged Document

When you end a parallel review of an imported document, the reviewed document is merged with the latest reviewed document. You must set the APTS_RetainFileNameForParallelReviewMergedDocument admin entry to true to retain the name of the imported document in the merged document. 

Ability to Change the Document Type and Add Comments While Importing Supporting Documents

On the Importing Supporting Documents page, you can add comments for each uploaded file. You can also change the Document Type to Other or custom. The default Document Type is set to Supporting Document.

Ability to Refresh Intelligent Discovery Status and the Retry Import Document

You can view the intelligent discovery processing status without the need to click the Review Offline Document button. You can see the Intelligent Discovery Status panel when the agreement Status Category is Import. 

Enhanced Intelligent Discovery Data Processing 

When you review a document that was imported using intelligently discovery, you can view the currency, date, term values in the standard format.

Removed the Import Large Files Button

The Import Large Files button is removed from the Agreement Detail page. You can use the Import Offline Document button to import large files.