New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Enable Salesforce CRM Content

Contract Management uses Chatter Files functionality, that requires Salesforce CRM Content to be enabled before installing the Contract Management package.

VisualForce Pages and Custom Objects (version 6.3)

This option delivers a few additional features:

  • Sub‐categories for Agreement Clauses
  • Playbook Enhancements
  • Image Support in Templates & Agreements
  • Creating Offline Agreements from Author
  • Enhanced Template & Agreement Search. To use this option, you must upgrade to version 6.3 of X‐ Author Contracts, as well as Contract Management.

Clearing Cloned Agreement Fields

Previously, cloning an agreement would copy all the field values from the source agreement to the newly cloned agreement. Now, you can configure the Cloning process to selectively copy the field values into the cloned agreement. This increases the speed with which you can clone and reuse agreements.