New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Document Finder

Contract Document Versioning has been extended to provide a means for customers to manage agreement documents during authoring and negotiation as part of a document file management solution with access control defined by sharing rules. A Visualforce page has been added to permit Contract Management users to use filters and tags to quickly search for and view version‐aware agreement documents from the record, even when an agreement record contains a large number of documents.
A Comply System Property, Default Document Tags, has also been added to permit administrators to pre-define tags available in Document Finder search and during document check‐in in X‐Author Contracts.

Self‐Service Configurable Wizards

The Configurable Wizard has been extended to provide Wizard designs for use in Self‐Service community portals for partners and other parties to create agreement and other object records from the related externally‐facing runtime Wizards. The users shall be able to fully configure their use of Wizard Designs using Salesforce Sites (for unauthenticated guest access) and Community features (for authenticated and unauthenticated access to Wizards).

Configurable Wizard Enhancements

The Configurable Wizard has also added the following enhancements:

  • Users can now add logos or other branding to display in the runtime banner and individual steps.
  • Notification events have been added to permit embedded integration of Configurable Wizard with third-party applications.

API: Package Multiple Documents (createWordPackage)

The February Contract Management release introduces a new API, available in Apttus MergeWebService. This API can be used to package multiple documents (such as a Quote and Agreement document) together into a single merged DOCX document. Implementation requires the creation of a custom Visualforce page to make use of the API for document packing purposes.
API Name: createWordPackage