New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Template Versioning

Template administrators can now create more than one version of a template in orgs where Template Versioning is enabled. Through a combination of Contract Management and X‐Author Contracts features, Contract Managers and Template Admins can manage multiple versions of templates, choose any version of a template to be the active version, and publish nested clause templates (which are also versioned) to all template versions as required.
Three new objects have been created in Contract Management to support Template Versioning:
Template Version – contains all versions of a given template record. Template and Template Version have Master‐Detail relationship
Template Clause Reference Version – contains all clause references for a single template version.
Template Dynamic Section Version – contains dynamic section details for a single template version. Template Version requires you to enable the new Comply System Property, Enable Template Versioning.

Contract Wizard Enhancements

The Configurable Wizard has been renamed to Contract Wizard beginning with the May release and has added the following enhancements:

  • Support for multi‐picklist fields in Step Input rules.
  • A sidebar view during Wizard runtime to allow the user to preview, track progress, and jump to any completed step in the Wizard.
  • The ability to Clone Wizard Designs for ease of use in creating new Wizards.
  • A new input control property to permit users to add comments and/or attachments as a response.
  • Auto‐populate input responses based on Wizard Design settings.
  • Support for custom fields such as Score and Weight.
  • The ability to create multiple Wizard design templates for specific business cases.

Dynamic Document Assembly Enhancements

Dynamic Document Assembly Rulesets (DAR) have been extended to support the Quote/Proposal object and line items. DAR components have been extended beyond clause templates and now also include:

  • Attachments on any business object (by Attachment Id).
  • Attachments through a field on the context object (by Formula field or relationship).
  • Attachments on the lookup object (by Field name).

Draft Agreement Enhancement: Agreement New Field Set

The field set Agreement New Field Set has been introduced in this release to enhance functionality for users drafting new agreement records. You can now add fields from the Agreement object and its lookups to this field set to make more fields available at the initial agreement setup page. Fields can be populated with values on this page and are automatically carried over to the new agreement draft.