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Changes to Send for Review/Send for Signature Workflow

Introduced in Contract Management May 2016 Patch 1
Due to changes introduced in Salesforce Summer '16, the Send for Review/Send for Signatures workflow has changed slightly. The following changes were made:

  1. The Admin Property APTS_ShowSendEmailConfirmation property has been deprecated. The email confirmation dialog box is now disabled for all cases. The system automatically returns to the Agreement record on Send or Cancel.
  2. The Admin Property APTS_DefaultEmailContactName is required to create an "Email: Subject" entry on the Agreement record Activity History Related List after the email is sent. If the property is not defined or is invalid, Email details are not recorded in the Activity History.

The behavior of Default Email Templates in Send for Review/Send for Signature actions has changed slightly:

  • APTS_EmailTemplateForReviewSignatures and the separately defined Admin Properties APTS_EmailTemplateForReview and APTS_EmailTemplateForSignatures can only specify values for Email Templates with the "Available for Use" flag set to true.
  • If no Email Template is selected and no default email template has been configured (using the above properties), the Email Template "Apttus Email Template For Review Signature" is used. In most cases, this template not configured as "Available for Use" and must be manually set to true or an error will occur. In the case of a new installation of the package (non‐upgrade), this Email Template is automatically configured as "Available for Use."

The Salesforce "Send Email" page has been replaced by the Apttus "Edit Email" page.

  • At least 1 recipient must be specified in the "To," or "Additional To," fields.
  • Files can be attached to the email in the "Attachments" section.
  • The Related Agreement Record name is now displayed above the Edit Email form.
  • The selected Email Template cannot be changed from this page. To choose a different email template, press Cancel and reinitiate the Send for Review/Send for Signatures action.
  • Click "Send" to send the email or "Cancel" to return to the Agreement record.

The Send for Internal Review workflow includes an intermediate page when the action is initiated. Otherwise, the changes are identical to those described above.