New Feature

Following is the feature introduced in this release:

Agreement Clause Versioning

Agreement Clause Versioning enhances existing document control by introducing a solution framework of clause versioning at the Agreement record level. Using this feature, you can easily view a comprehensive list of clauses referenced in the current agreement document. Agreement Clause Versioning is intended to complement standard agreement clause tracking through the Agreement Clause Related List. The primary purpose of Agreement Clause Versioning is to give users a way to track negotiation of clauses through the entire lifecycle of an agreement up to and including activation.
Using Agreement Clause Versioning, you can:

  • Add a Master Agreement Clauses section to the Agreement record layout that provides a listing of all clauses referenced in the primary agreement document from initial check‐out to activation.
  • Drill down into the list to view all Clause Iterations for a specific clause.
  • Drill down to Clause Iteration Details to review changes to clause language.
  • Customize reports (using standard Salesforce functionality) to locate agreements by clause and/or clause language.

Note: Agreement Clause Versioning can only be used with X‐Author Contracts version 8.5.1010 or higher. Only FX2 format documents are supported.