New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Auto Increment of Document Versions

This release introduces an enhancement to Document Versioning in Contract Management and X-Author for Contracts which allows an administrator to set the version increment (either major or minor) for each of the check-in options from X-Author Contracts and for generate or regenerate action of Contract Management.
This release introduces a custom setting named Document Version Properties to give you more control on how document versions are updated for your agreement documents. Using these settings an administrator can configure whether a document's major version number or minor version number is updated when the document is either checked in from X-Author Contracts for Microsoft Word or generated or regenerated from Contract Management.

X-Author Connected App Security

This release introduces updates to the Contract Management package, to include X-Author for Contracts as a managed connected app. This will enhance the app security and will allow the administrators to have more control over app access and user profile permissions.