This section provides you information about how to configure Intelligent Import Settings.

To configure intelligent import Settings

The following configuration is documented considering KIRA as intelligent data extraction software.

  1. Go to App Launcher > Intelligent Import Admin Console > Settings.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the following details:
    1. Name: KIRA (Case sensitive)
    2. IDE Service URL: Enter the URL provided by Kira.
    3. Logo URL: Enter the URL provided by Kira.

      The KIRA logo is displayed during Intelligent Import.

    4. Additional Setting: Add Kira API related information in JSON or XML format.



      "DefaultProjectId" : 120,


      "DeleteDocumentFromKira" :true


      The version may vary based on the Kira API. Default Project ID in KIRA is mapped to the default record type in Contract Management.

      If retrieveHighlightedDocument is set to true (case sensitive) then both processed and highlighted documents are retrieved to Contract Management. If retrieveHighlightedDocument is set to false (case sensitive) then only the processed document is retrieved to Contract Management. By default, the value for retrieveHighlightedDocument is considered as true.

      If DeleteDocumentFromKira is set to true, the processed document is deleted from Kira. If DeleteDocumentFromKira is set to false, the processed document is not deleted from Kira. By default, the value for DeleteDocumentFromKira is considered as true.

      The retrieveHighlightedDocument property is applicable only for documents less than 10 MB. If the document size is greater than 10 MB, both highlighted and processed documents are not retrieved to Contract Management.

    5. Quick Study URL: Provide URL to launch Kira Quick Study when a user clicks Custom Provisions on the Intelligent Import Admin Console page.
    6. Active: Select the checkbox.

    7. Token: Add the Kira token.

      Please contact your CSM or AE for information on how to obtain Kira token. 

  4. Click Save.