This use case describes how to translate the X-Author Contracts user interface from English (United States) to Spanish. You might use this functionality differently, depending on your localization language. For more information about the functionality, see Translating X-Author Contracts User Interface.

To translate the X-Author Contracts user interface to Spanish

  1. Go to Setup > My Personal Information > Edit your personal information > Edit.
  2. Navigate to the Locale Settings section and select the following options.
  3. Click Save.
    You can now view all the Salesforce objects in the language you selected.
  4. Go to Setup > Translation Workbench > Translation Language Settings and click Add.
  5. In the Language Translation Edit page, select Espanol from the Language dropdown.

  6. To permit few users to edit translations, move those user names from the Available List to Selected List. 

  7. Click Save.
  8. Go to Setup > Develop > Visualforce Pages.
  9. Click the DocumentFinder hyperlink.
  10. Search for the word Label and make a note of the LoadingPage label. 
    Only one label is considered in this demonstration. You need to configure all the labels for the visualforce pages mentioned in the Translating X-Author Contracts User Interface.
  11. Go to Setup > Create > Custom Labels.
  12. Click the LoadingPage hyperlink.
  13. In the Custom Label Detail page, click New Local Translations / Overrides.
  14. Select the localization language and enter the translation text for the label.
    When a page loads in X-Author Contracts, the loading page label is displayed in Spanish.
  15. Click Save.
  16. Go to Setup > Translation Workbench > Translate.
  17. In the Select the filter criteria section, select the following options:
  18. In the Field Label Translation column, double-click on the field space next to a field you need to translate available in the Master Field Label column.
    When you view agreement object fields in X-Author Contracts after translation, you can view the field names in Spanish.
  19. Click Save.
  20. Navigate to the Locale tab.
  21. Click the English (United States) hyperlink.
    This displays the Template Locale Detail page.
  22. In the Files section, click the Download hyperlink.
    The XAResource.resx file is downloaded to your system. 
  23. Open the file and translate the UI text into your local language.
    Before translation:

    After translation:
  24. Navigate to the Locale tab.
  25. Click the Spanish hyperlink.
    This displays the Template Locale Detail page.
  26. In the Files section, click Upload Files and select the updated XAResource.resx file from your system.
  27. After the resource file is uploaded, click Close on the Upload to Spanish window.
    When you open X-Author Contracts, you can view the UI in Spanish.