This feature allows you to intelligently import executed documents of size more than 10 MB in Salesforce Lightning mode. When you review intelligently imported files larger than 10 MB, the document viewer does not load, but you can view the extracted fields and clauses in the Agreement Detail tab. For more information, see Reviewing an Agreement Created by Intelligent Import and Storing an Executed Agreement.


  • You must enable the XAJS End Point Comply System Property. For more information, see Comply System Properties in Contract Management on Salesforce Administrator Guide.
  • Import Large Files button is visible only for non-version aware agreements.
  • You can only upload one file at a time.
  • The maximum recommended file size to upload large files is 200MB.

To intelligently import large files 

  1. Navigate to a non-version aware agreement record.
  2. Click Import Large Files.
  3. You can either click Upload Files or drag and drop your files.
    This displays the Upload Files window.

  4. After the upload is complete, click Done.
  5. Save and Stored Execute option is selected by default.
  6. Click Continue.
    This displays the Import Large Files window. 
  7. Click OK.
    You will receive an email notification with the Batch job status for IDE process status and error information (if any) after the agreement is processed. After the agreement document is imported, all the clauses are marked as Final in the Agreement Clauses section.