You can generate an agreement using an existing template. Templates can be created using Apttus X-Author Contracts. For each agreement record type, a different template can be created in Microsoft Word. For more information on using X-Author Contracts to create a template, refer to the Apttus X-Author Contracts User Guide.


  • You must have an existing agreement record.
  • You must have a template ready for the record type of your agreement.
User Permissions Needed
To preview an agreement:Agreement: ReadTemplate: ReadAsyncMergeCall: Read, Create, Edit (Field Access: Read, Edit)
To generate/regenerate an agreement:Agreement: EditTemplate: ReadAsyncMergeCall: Read, Create, Edit (Field Access: Read, Edit)

To generate an agreement document

  1. Navigate to the Agreements tab and select an existing agreement record.
  2. Click Generate to generate an Agreement document.
  3. You will be navigated to the Template selection page. From the Options section, select one of the following output formats for your agreement record:
    1. DOC or DOCX: To generate a Microsoft Word document.
    2. RTF: To generate an agreement document in Rich Text Format.
    3. PDF: To generate a PDF protected agreement document.
  4. To include a watermark across your agreement document, select the Include Watermark checkbox.
  5. From the Templates section, select the template to generate your agreement document, and click Generate. If only one template is available for a record type or only one template is available based on query template filter then that template is selected by default.

    You can configure the template attributes to be displayed in the Template Selection section. For more information, see Configuring Columns in the Template Selection Page in Lightning topic in the Contract Management Administrator Guide.

  6. Click the Click here to view your file link to view your agreement or click Return to return to the agreement detail page.
  7. An agreement document is generated using the selected template and can be found in the Notes & Attachments related list. Click the Preview button to preview the generated document.


When a document is generated or regenerated, all the smart clauses are displayed in the Agreement Clauses section with Action as Original. When a document is regenerated a new entry is created in the Agreement Clauses section even if the same clause already exists. 

In the version aware agreements, the Document Type of the generated and regenerated documents are updated as Agreement Document and the generated supporting documents are updated as Supporting Document.