This feature enables you to import an offline document into an existing agreement record in Contract Management. You can also import the document with intelligent import.


  • You must have Create and Edit agreement permissions.
  • Refer to the Contract Management on Salesforce Administrator Guide for admin configurations.

To import an offline document

  1. On the Agreement Detail page, click Import Offline Document. This displays the Import Offline Document page.
  2. In the Select the File section, click Choose File to select a document to attach to this agreement. The Open window appears. 
  3. Navigate to the file you want to upload. Select the file and click Open.
  4. In the Click the "Attach File" button section, click Attach File to import an offline document.


    If you have enabled document versioning, select the Intelligent Import checkbox before attaching the document.

  5. In the Select this option for Intelligent extraction of data and clauses from uploaded file:
    1. To import an offline document with Intelligent Import
      1. Select the Intelligent Import checkbox to upload the agreement to the Apttus Intelligent server for processing. 
      2. Click Continue. This displays a message stating that Intelligent Import will create batch and you will be navigated to the Agreement Detail page. You will also receive an email notification with the IDEJobProcess status and error information.
      3. Click Ok on the message.
      4. Click Return. This displays the Agreement Detail page. 
    2. To import an offline document without Intelligent Import
      1. Leave the Intelligent Import checkbox unselected.
      2. Click Continue. This displays a message stating that Documents Imported. 
      3. Click Return. This displays the Agreement Detail page.