Depending on where you look, you might see two different Conga Composer version numbers. Here is why:

App Exchange Managed Package

When you download Composer through the Salesforce App Exchange, you are installing a managed package. When Composer version 7 or 8 is referenced, the managed package is called. To learn more, see Here is how you determine the version number for a managed package. Managed packages offer new features or changes for Composer, and you have control over when you install it.

Server Version

Defect fixes and backend changes are automatically released into Production Orgs. These releases are what Release Notes refer to, and why release note numbers might not match the version number for your installed managed package. All users run Composer on the same server version. To check your Conga Composer server version:

  1. Launch Conga Composer Solution.
  2. The current version number is in the lower right-hand corner of the Conga Composer console.