Conga Composer Release 8 offers a wealth of enhancements and is backward compatible with previous releases of Composer. We recommend most customers upgrade to this latest release immediately. For a comparison of the features in Release 7 and the current release, see Feature Comparison between Conga Composer Release 7 and 8.

Conga Composer is a composite application, which means that some parts of the system are installed into your Salesforce® instance in a managed package, however, most of the system runs on our servers. As a result, the portion of the system that runs on our servers does not require upgrading on your part. Updates to the servers are automatically made available at various times throughout the year.

DO NOT UNINSTALL the previous version of Conga Composer before upgrading to Release 8. If you uninstall before upgrading, you will lose all of your existing Conga Composer solutions and will have to rebuild each of them manually.

The portions of the system that are installed into your instance of Salesforce can be upgraded by visiting our listing on the AppExchange, clicking Get it Now, and following the prompts to update the installed components. After completing the install prompts with the new package, be sure to update your Conga Composer button URLs. For instructions on upgrading, watch this video.