This section covers all the changes in the documentation to support each release.

Document Topic Description
Spring '21 Rev DConga Composer Solution Migration Utility ToolUpdated topic as part of Spring21.04.14 Patch.
Spring '21 Rev CPDFVersionNew Parameter
Spring '21 Rev BCSMultiDocsNew Parameter
Spring '21 Rev ATransitioning from Courier to a Composer and Batch SolutionNew Topic
Spring '21Supported Parameters for the Composer Lightning ComponentUpdated Topic with more supported parameters.
Supported Languages for Composer Lightning Component UINew Topic
Supported Languages for Document Automation WizardNew Topic
Supported Languages for Composer Setup MenuNew Topic
Composer Authorization and Permission MatrixNew Topic
Winter 2020 Rev CCSSenderReturnUrlNew Topic
Winter 2020 Rev B

Product Data LimitsUpdated Topic as part of Winter20.01.13 Patch.

About Conga Batch
Accommodating Large Batch Sizes for a Consolidated output with Conga Batch
Conga Batch file size limits
Winter 2020 Rev AEntering a SendGrid API KeyNew Topic introduced as part of Winter20.12.02 Patch.
SendGrid Integration ParametersUpdated Topic as part of Winter20.12.02 Patch.
Winter 2020Conga Composer Lightning Component FAQsUpdated Topic

Supported Parameters for the Composer Lightning Component

New Topic
Overview of External DataUpdated Topic
Setup and Configure External Data Sources

Updated Topic

Build You Conga Query to Retrieve External DataUpdated Topic
Build Your External Data Composer SolutionUpdated Topic
xid (parameter)Updated Topic

Amazon SES Integration

New Topic
Setting up Amazon SES Integration for Conga ComposerNew Topic