Conga Composer can store output documents in Salesforce Content, rather than as attachments under the Notes & Attachments related list. Composer can also retrieve items from Salesforce Content or Salesforce Documents to be included in the merge process.

Set up Salesforce content integration before using custom field settings. For more information, see Set Up the Salesforce Content Integration.

Salesforce Documents that reference a URL rather than a static file are not supported for security reasons.


  • ContentCustomFieldName sets the name of a custom field to set on a Salesforce content record.
  • ContentCustomFieldValue sets the value of the corresponding custom field.
  • ContentVisible enables Salesforce content as an output option.
  • ContentWorkspaceId sets the Salesforce ID of the content workspace under which attachments are stored.
  • ContentDocumentId specifies the Salesforce ID of the Salesforce File record ID where you want to use Salesforce Files versioning features.
  • contentShareType determines the permission type granted to the user for a shared file.
  • contentVisibility determines whether a file is available to all users, internal users, or shared users.