The Conga Composer Solution can be customized by adding parameters to the button URL. Parameters are added using the following convention:


To learn more about how to add parameters to the button URL, see Adding Parameters to a Solution. For the complete list of parameters available to add to a solution, see the Parameter Guide.

Tips and Tricks about Parameters

Below are a few best practices to adhere to when customizing your solution with parameters:

  • Spaces are not permitted anywhere in URLs, including parameter/value pairs. If the parameter value requires spaces, replace each space with a plus sign (+).
  • Quote marks (“”) are not permitted anywhere in URLs.
  • Parameter names are not case-sensitive but values may be, so the best practice is to observe the case closely.
  • Parameters may be appended to the URL in any order.
  • Some parameters require other parameters in order to function. (For example, to have the solution automatically log activity as it runs, you must include &AC0=1 to turn on activity logging, and then use other activity-logging parameters to specify what should be logged where.)
  • The entire URL cannot exceed 1750 characters.