Conga Composer enables Salesforce customers to customize, streamline and scale document generation and reporting for unlimited use cases across all organizations and industries. Composer can automatically populate richly-formatted templates with data from any standard or custom object in Salesforce.

As an admin, you build a Composer solution and place that button on a page layout. Your end-users can then click the button to run the solution. You can allow end-users to make selections, such as which template to use for the final merged files, or you can pre-select templates and other options and run the solution entirely in the background. You can also automate solutions using Salesforce workflows or on a schedule.

Conga Composer allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Install and Upgrade Conga Composer from the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Set up and configure Conga Composer with Conga Composer Setup.
  • Create a Composer Solution.
    • Use the Document Automation Wizard to create and modify a Composer Solution.
    • Use the Composer Solution Manager to create and modify a Composer Solution.
    • Create or modify a Composer Solution manually in Salesforce Setup.
  • Create a Conga Template.
    • Create a Conga Template and add merge fields to the template using the Conga Template Builder or Document Automation Wizard.
    • Conga supports the following file types as Conga Templates:
      • Word
      • Excel
      • PowerPoint
      • PDF
      • HTML Email
  • Gather additional data for a Composer Solution.
    • Use SOQL Queries and Salesforce Reports to gather additional data to merge for a Composer Solution.
  • Customize your Conga Solution with additional behavior.
    • Use Conga Composer parameters to add additional functionality to your Conga Solution.
  • Deliver merged documents.
    • Conga Composer allows you to deliver merged documents through the following methods: 
      • Download in your browser
      • Email
      • Save to Salesforce
      • Save to a third party repository
      • Send for eSignature
      • Post to Chatter
  • Automate file generation and delivery with Conga Batch and Conga Trigger.