The following parameters affect the behavior of Adobe PDF templates.

For more information about parameters in general and how to use them, see Adding Parameters to a Solution, A Few Rules About Parameters, and How Parameters are Formatted.


  • FlattenPDFForms specifies whether to flatten PDF form fields.
  • FP0 locks the output file format.
  • PDFEF specifies whether to embed fonts in the PDF document.
  • PDFIQ specifies the image quality of the PDF document.
  • PDFQR specifies the rendering speed of the PDF document.
  • PS0 specifies whether the PDF document is encrypted.
  • PS1 specifies whether printing is allowed for a PDF document.
  • PS2 specifies whether a reader can copy content on the PDF.
  • PS3 specifies whether a document allows readers to complete forms.
  • PS4 specifies whether screen readers can access the PDF document.
  • PSPW specifies the password to use for a locked PDF.