Category: Data Gathering Parameter

Compatible with: Composer 7 & Composer 8

Parameter Name: QVar0Format

Parameter Value: [code]

Parameter Requirements: None

Parameter Description: Querystring Variable Format

Formats the result of a QVar query. The value consists of a five-digit "code" where the first digit is the value for A, the second B, the third C, and so on. Use the values below to define the desired formatting results.

A= Delimiter between data elements [0=none, 1=comma, 2=pipe, 3=semi-colon, 4=colon, 5=hyphen] (2-Pipe is useful for delimiting values that are passed to a Report/Query)

B = Symbol to enclose each data element [0=none, 1=apostrophes, 2=quotes]

C = Symbol after delimiter [0=none, 1=space]

D = Truncate each data element to 15-characters [0=off, 1=on] (Useful when passing values to a Salesforce Report/Query)

E = Reserved for future use

Also available: QVar1Format, QVar2Format