Category: Data Gathering Parameter

Compatible with: Composer 7 & Composer 8

Parameter Name: ReportId

Parameter Value: [ID]

Parameter Requirements: The 15-character Salesforce ID of a Report. May optionally include filter criteria.

Parameter Description: Retrieves the contents of the specified report (identified by its 15-character Salesforce Id) and makes the report contents available through a dataset as seen on the Template Builder window.

You may include up to 50 Report ID values in a Conga Composer URL, thus making 50 reports accessible in a single merge operation. Conga Composer will retrieve a report that contains a maximum of 2,500 rows.


While Salesforce Reports are useful to gather data for Composer solutions, it is highly recommended to use Conga Queries due to better data gathering performance, versatility, and stability.

An optional report alias may precede the report ID.

  • Enclose the alias in square brackets
  • Minimum 2 characters, maximum 20
  • Alphanumeric characters only
  • Reserved sheet names may not be used (Master, Org, etc.)
  • The alias must be unique within the button URL



(Two Reports)


(Report with Alias)


(Report with Two Aliases)