Conga Composer can store output documents in Salesforce Chatter, rather than as attachments under the Notes & Attachments related list.

Conga Composer saves files to Chatter as part of the Activity Logging functions. We recommend the following settings for integrating with Chatter:

&SC0=1 (Enables Save a Copy)

&SC1=Chatter (Enables File Attachments to log to Chatter)

If you wish to override the default behavior where files are saved on the Chatter Feed for the master object, you may use the AttachmentParentId parameter to identify the record on which the file should be posted. You may set AttachmentParentId to a User Id, Group ID or record Id.


  • AssembleChatter allows multiple files to be attached to a single Chatter post.
  • ChatterCommunityId specifies the Chatter Community receiving an output file attachment.