Options for replacing SpringCM-integrated Composer solutions with the Conga Product Suite.

Conga is no longer making updates or delivering new enhancements to the SpringCM integration with Conga Composer. While SpringCM-integrated Conga solutions may still function, continuing to use the integrated solutions creates potential risks such as solution instability, performance issues, and loss of functionality.

It is highly suggested to replace any SpringCM-integrated Conga solutions with the Conga Product Suite. Conga offers powerful Salesforce-based products that can seamlessly replace SpringCM-integrated Conga solutions and increase functionality in use cases.

See the chart below to examine how the Conga Product Suite matches SpringCM products.

SpringCM ProductConga Product
Document GenerationConga Composer, Trigger, Batch, and Conga Collaborate
Contract ManagementConga Contracts and Conga Contracts for Salesforce
Document ManagementConga Contracts and native Salesforce document repository
WorkflowConga Orchestrate and Conga Trigger
DocuSignConga Sign