The App Launcher offers a centralized interface for searching for apps, switching between apps, and personalizing favorites for quick access. To access App Launcher, go to the Conga Platform Administration dashboard and click App Launcher () icon.

The App Launcher user interface has four main sections: Favorites, App Groups, All Apps, and Versions Info

  1. Favorites - Allows you to easily access your most frequently used apps. A predefined set is displayed if you have not selected any favorite apps.
  2. App Groups - Every application is organized under a group (pillar) depending on how it serves a purpose.
  3. All Apps - Provides access to a list of all the available groups and apps within the platform application. Additionally, you can use the search bar to search for specific apps or groups based on keywords.
  4. Versions Info - Provides information about all the current versions of applications that are available within the platform application.

You can perform the following actions to speed up and streamline the app's accessibility:

Pin to Favorites

The Pin to Favorites option allows you to mark or pin a specific app to the Favorites section for quick and easy access. You can do this from the Menu (Option 1) and All Apps (Option 2) popup.


Similarly, you can unpin the app from the Favorites section using Unpin From Favorites option.

Pin to Menu

The Pin to Menu option allows you to add a specific app to the Menu section. You can do this using the All Apps option.

Similarly, you can unpin the app from the Menu using Unpin From Menu option.

Open In New Tab

The Open In New Tab option allows you to open the app in a new tab within a web browser without navigating away from the current page. You can do this from the Menu (Option 1) and All Apps (Option 2).
Clicking the App tile opens the application in the same tab.