The Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform offers a streamlined login process by leveraging an external Identity Provider (IDP). This IDP integration is established through the widely adopted OAuth 2.0 protocol, facilitating seamless communication between the application and the external identity provider. Additionally, you have the option to sign in using a SAML username.

This approach eliminates the need to create new login credentials specifically for the Conga Platform application. Instead, you can utilize your existing credentials from trusted third-party identity providers or your SAML username for Sign in.


You must be onboarded on the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform. Contact your Conga Representative for the onboarding.

To Sign-in to the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform

  1. Open the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform URL in the web browser.
    It will redirect you to the Conga Platform login screen.
  2. If you wish to use SAML to log in, enter your username, or select the Identity Provider from the list to sign in using IDP credentials.

    Conga Platform supports the following identity providers:

    • Salesforce
    • Salesforce Sandbox
    • Conga IDP
    • Microsoft
  3. Click Continue or Sign In depending upon the Sign In method you have selected.
    You are redirected to the respective Identity Provider or Single Sign-On login screen.
  4. Enter your username and password and click Log In.
    If you forgot your password, follow the selected Identity Provider or Single Sign-On process to reset your password.

On successful authentication, if you are a licensed user, you are redirected to the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform Admin home page.