In these release notes, you can find packages, requirements, features, enhancements, fixed issues, and known issues for the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform October '23 release. For documentation updates, see What's New in Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform.

This documentation may describe optional features for which you have not purchased a license; therefore, your solution or implementation may differ from what is described here. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Account Executive (AE) to discuss your specific features and licensing.


There are no packages required for Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform.

New Features 

The following features are new to Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform in this release.

Dependent Picklist

The Dependent Picklist allows the creation of a relationship between two picklist fields on an object, where the selected value in the controlling picklist determines the available values in the dependent picklist. This feature is particularly useful when you want to limit the available choices in a dependent picklist based on the value selected in a controlling picklist. You define a mapping between the values in the controlling field and the corresponding values that should be available in the dependent field. Each value in the controlling field can have its own set of dependent values. For more information, see Creating and Managing Dependent Picklist.

Record Type

Introduced a Record Type (transaction type) field to group records within a specific object. It is a label that distinguishes one transaction from another. For more information, see Managing Record Type.

All Object Mappings

The All Object Mappings feature simplifies the process of mapping source objects to target objects. It provides a comprehensive view of imported external objects and enables direct source-to-target mapping on a single screen. If a required target object is missing, you can create it seamlessly. It also automatically creates a default set of fields for target objects and facilitates precise source-to-target field mapping. For more information, see Working with All Object Mappings.

Formula Fields

The Formula Fields feature provides a convenient solution for transforming source formula expressions into target formula expressions that are compatible with the Conga Platform. For more information, see Creating Formula Fields.

Guest User

You can now create a guest user by clicking the new Add Guest button on the user listing screen. You can also use the Guest User endpoints available under the User Management APIs. For more information, see Adding and Activating Users.

Versions Info

You can now see information about all the current versions of applications that are available within the platform application. For more information, see Accessing Apps.

Document Search

You can now search and extract text or data from PDF, DOCX, or RTF documents.

Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform REST APIs

The following endpoints are new to the existing APIs in this release:

User Management

  • Role Admin
    • PUT ​/api​/user-management​/v1​/roles​/{roleId}​/admin-permissions
    • DELETE ​/api​/user-management​/v1​/roles​/{roleId}​/admin-permissions
  • Admin Permissions
    • GET ​/api​/user-management​/v1​/admin-permissions
  • Guest User
    • POST ​/api​/user-management​/v1​/user​/guest
    • PUT ​/api​/user-management​/v1​/user​/guest​/{userId}
    • DELETE ​/api​/user-management​/v1​/user​/guest​/{userId}
    • PUT ​/api​/user-management​/v1​/user​/guest​/{userId}​/restore
  • Currency Format
    • GET ​/api​/user-management​/v1​/currency-formats
  • User
    • GET /api/user-management/v1/user/currency-format


  • Object
    • PATCH /api/data/v1/custom-objects/{objectName}/bulk
  • Record  Type
    • GET /api/data/v1/custom-objects/{objectName}/recordtypes

Schema Manager

  • Field Definition
    • POST /api/schema/v1/objects/{objectName}/fields/{fieldName}/expression/validate
    • GET /api/schema/v1/objects/formula-functions
  • Record Type Definition
    • POST /api/schema/v1/objects/{objectName}/recordtype-entries
    • PUT /api/schema/v1/objects/{objectName}/recordtype-entries/bulk

Conversion Management

  • Currency Runtime
    • POST /api/currency-management/v1/query/currency-rates/bulk

Configuration Management

  • Configuration
    • GET /api/config-management/v1/configurations/categories


There are no enhancements in this release.

Text Search and Alphabetical Sorting Support for Data Sync Module

The following screens of the Data Sync module are now supporting alphabetical sorting and text searches:

  • Mapped Objects for Data Sync
  • Field Mappings
  • All Object Mappings
  • All Field Mappings
  • Run Details
  • Schedules

Logical Operators and Regular Expressions Support for Document Search

Introduced the following enhancements in the Search API for document search:

  • Support of AND and OR logical operators to create logical expression conditions for text searches. For example: You can use logical operators to search for a document that contains phrases like "pandemic," "act of God," or "war," and the expression condition would be Document Text Contains ('Pandemic' AND "Act of God," OR "War")
  • Support of regular file expressions for identifying files, like .docx,.pdf,.rtf, and .txt.

Complex, Lookup, Picklist, and Multipicklist Fields Support for Platform Search

You can now use the Complex, Lookup, Picklist, and Multipicklist fields to create a search setting for Platform Search. For more information, see Search APIs.

Assign Admin Permission for the Role

You can now assign the user admin permissions while defining a role. For more information, see Creating Roles.

Picklist Field Support for Alias Field

You can now use the Picklist field available to the Lookup and Reference object as the alias field. For example: On the Agreement page, if you want to refer to the Account object> Contact object> Country picklist field > State picklist field, you can create an Alias field and the Alias Field Definition would be Agreement.AccountId.ContactId.Country.State.

Decimal Prefix Configuration for the Currency

The administrator can now configure the currency decimal places. To do this, a new field Scale is added to the Currency object to define the decimal prefix for the specific currency.

Error Message for Invalid Records

Previously, when you used the following User Management APIs to perform bulk delete operations, you could only get deleted record details in the response. With this release, the APIs also provide error messages for invalid records in the response.

  • Object Permission: DELETE /api/user-management/v1/objectpermissions/bulk
  • Permission Groups: DELETE /api/user-management/v1/permissiongroups
  • User Admin: DELETE /api/user-management/v1/users/{userId}/permissiongroups
  • Role Admin: DELETE /api/user-management/v1/roles/{roleId}/permissiongroups

Validation Message for Existing User

The POST /api/user-management/v1/users/bulk API returns the User ID in the validation error for the existing users.

Support for Inverse and Indirect Currency Rate Conversion

When there are no direct currency rate conversions, you can now calculate the inverse and indirect currency rate conversions using the Conversion Management APIs. For example, you have the USD to INR and INR to JPY conversion rates in your database.

Inverse Conversion: If INR to USD conversion is not available, you can calculate the INR to USD currency rate conversion.

Indirect Conversion: If USD to JPY and JPY to USD conversion is not available, you can calculate USD to JPY and JPY to USD currency rate conversion. Only one level of indirect currency rate conversion is supported.

Ability to Share Object

You can now share and unshare the object by utilizing the Is Shared flag, which appears when the object is updated. For more information, see Creating and Managing Objects.

Data Model Changes

There are no Data Model Changes required for Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform.

Fixed Issues 

There are no fixed issues in this release.

Known Issues 

There are no known issues in this release.

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