When you log in, Contract Intelligence (Standalone) displays a dashboard detailing upcoming contract-related smart events, as well as workflows and documents in a table of configurable widgets. 

You can click ALL DOCS or MY DOCS to change the donut and bar charts of documents stored, and you can change this view to reflect terms and added annotations in uploaded documents. 

The Events calendar shows the current month's calendar of contract events, and below it are today's contract events. You can click through this widget to review today's events, explore recent and upcoming events, or manage events in the events view

You can click the UPLOAD DOCUMENTS button to upload documents

You can always return to the dashboard by clicking its button at the top of the navbar at left:

The dashboard also provides sub-panels that you can configure to provide essential views of your environment. The default set features action items, such as coming events and documents requiring signature, as well as high-level views of document statuses in the system.