The Administrator Navigation Toolbar displays along the top of every screen and includes the following options: Search, Home, Companies, Documents, and Tools. More options display when you click the gear icon, question mark icon, or person icon. Each menu option in the toolbar includes links that allow you to program data and/or perform tasks.

Menu OptionAction 
HomeThis link returns you to the home page.
CompaniesThe Companies menu option now takes you to the All Companies page, and the dropdown has the following options:
  • Add Company
  • Projects
Contracts The Contracts menu option takes you to the All Contracts page, and displays the following:
  • Add Contact
  • My Contracts
  • Clause Library
  • Projects
  • Requests
DocumentsThe Documents option takes you to the Global Documents page.
  • If you've purchased the Documents Packages add-on, it is available here as a dropdown option.
ToolsThe new Tools option displays the following:
  • Calendar
  • Events
  • People
  • Reports
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Search Query
  • BI Toolbox and Supplier Registrations are listed here if you've purchased these add-ons.
Gear Icon The Admin options are available here, which include the following:
  • Additional Forms
  • Advanced Edit
  • Bulk Upload
  • Company Flow Templates
  • Contract Request Types
  • Creation Templates
  • Email Distribution Lists
  • Event Alert Templates
  • Global Messaging
  • Lists
  • Roles
  • Profile Rules
  • Project Flow Templates
  • Routing Tables
  • Scorecards
  • System Settings
  • Task Lists
  • Users
Question Mark IconThe question mark icon displays the following:
  • Create Ticket
  • View Knowledge Base
  • Conga Contracts Version Number
Person IconThe person icon displays the following:
  • Your user name. Click on your user name to access User Preferences.
  • Log Out