This section lists changes in the documentation to support each release.

Document Publication DateTopic Description
December 2021 (Rev A)


Completing a Bulk Data Template Updated steps for clarity. 
Locating Your eSignature PackagesUpdated with information about the Current, Submitted, and All Packages tabs.
Resetting User PasswordsUpdated description and steps for clarity. 
December 2021 


New Contract Profile User Interface Updates

Updated topic with the following new sections:

  • Creation Wizard
  • Edit Navigation Links
  • Profile Rules: Calculate Field 
REST API Version 2.0The following additions were added to REST API Version 2.0:
  • Partial Record Update—Company
  • Partial Record Update—Contract
  • Partial Record Update—Child Objects
  • Partial Record Update—Projects
Reassigning Conga Sign eSignature Packages New Topic
Tracking the Conga Sign eSignature ProcessRemoved this section from Conga Sign Integration with Conga Contracts and created a new topic. 
Document Publication DateTopic Description
Summer Rev C DocuSign Self Service implementationAdded a warning that the account used for the integration must not be SSO enabled and must allow username and password authentication. 
Summer Rev B


Viewing a Conga Sign Audit TrailNew Topic 
Summer Rev A


Customizing Your System SettingsUpdated supported languages listed in Step 3. 
Summer 2021


New Contract Profile User Interface UpdatesUpdated screenshots, Header section, and Companies panel section. 
REST API Version 2.0

Updated the REST API Version 2.0 topic with the following additions:

  • Insert or create a bulk operation on a Contract object
  • Insert or create a bulk operation on a Company object
  • Describe Contract object metadata
  • Describe Company object metadata
  • Describe a Project object metadata
  • Describe a Company Location object metadata
  • Describe custom object and additional forms metadata
Document Topic Description
Spring 2021 (Rev A)Conga Contracts Features and EditionsUpdated available features. 
Spring 2021New Contract Profile User Interface UpdatesUpdated Flow Stages component section. Added additional screenshots. 
Conga Contracts for REST API DevelopersThe REST API Guide content was added to the documentation portal for 'Spring 21.
SOAP API GuideThe SOAP API Guide legacy content was added to the documentation portal for Spring '21.