You need the List Admin permission to create task lists for the processes and procedures that are routinely performed for companies, contracts, and projects. Creating a task list includes defining all the tasks in a process or procedure in an ordered sequence, and identifying the individual responsible for completing each task. When a user adds a task list to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile, they use an existing list as a template and set the start and completion dates for each task.

  1. Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Task Lists link in the menu.
  2. In the Task List Browse screen, click Add Task List in the toolbar.
  3. In the Task List Edit screen, populate the following:
    • Task List Name field - enter a concise and descriptive name for the task list.
    • (Optional) Task List Description field - enter a description of what the task list was created to accomplish.
  4. Add a task list item to the task list:
    • Click Add Task List Item to add a blank list item record.
    • Click in the Task List Item Subject field to enable it, and enter the first task (or step) in the task list. If the tasks in the list need to be completed in a specific order, number the steps so that they will display in the correct order when the task list is saved. Otherwise, the tasks will display in alphabetical order.
    • Click in the Task List Item Owner list to enable it, and begin typing the name of the person responsible for completing the task into the field to display a drop-down list of possible matches.
    • Click the correct name in the list to select it. After saving a task list, you can edit the individual task list items, but the change will not be reflected in existing task lists that were added to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile prior to the change. Similarly, adding or deleting a task in the list will not be reflected in existing task lists.
  5. Click Save.