You need the List Admin permission to create event alert templates if you want to standardize the messages in the email messages that are sent out, notifying interested parties of upcoming contract and company events. The List Admin can also define the follow-up, or reminder email messages that are automatically sent if no action is taken for the event.

When users set up event alerts, they have the option of using a template with a predefined message and notification date, or creating a unique event alert. Users also have the option of using a template and altering the message text in the event alert, as well as changing the date on which the alert is sent out.

Conga Contracts recommends tailoring the text in an event alert template to reflect your company's work processes. The message text should specify the nature of the event and what action the recipient(s) should take.

  1. Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Event Alert Templates link in the menu.
  2. In the Event Alert Templates browse screen, click New Template in the toolbar.
  3. In the Event Template Edit screen, populate the following:
    • (Optional) Copy From list - make a selection to add a new template using an existing template. See Copying an Event Alert Template.
    • Template Name field - enter a concise and descriptive name for the template to ensure users select the correct template when creating an event or adding an event alert for a contract's original expiration date.
    • Event Description field - enter a concise description of the event.
    • Event Notification field - enter any actions that need to be taken by the event owner or other recipients of the email message, as well as any additional information about the event.The information in the Event Description and Event Notification fields displays in the Event Info section of the email message that is sent to the event owner and all the recipients designated by the user who creates the event alert.
    • Event Reminder field (works in conjunction with Remind Days field) - enter a reminder email message for the event, which will be sent to the event owner and/or other recipients if the event is not completed (or closed) by the Reminder Date.
    • Reminder Date = Event Date – Number of Reminder Days (number of days in the Reminder Days field when creating an event).
    • Warn Days field - enter the number of days prior to the event date that you want Conga Contracts to send an email message to recipients, notifying them of the event. This date is known as the Notification Date. Notification Date = Event Date - Number of Warn Days (number of days in the Warn Days field when creating an event).
    • Remind Days field (works in conjunction with Event Reminder field) - enter the number of days prior to the event date that you want a reminder email message sent to recipients.
  4. Click Save.