The Contract Request Type Bundle feature allows a user with the Request Admin permission to design the form that is used to capture the information needed when a user, who has limited permissions, makes a request for a new contract in Conga Contracts. A Request Admin is responsible for creating templates for the kinds of contracts that users will request, as well as identifying those who have permissions to request a contract and those who have the authority to approve a contract request. For example, a Sales Representative who lands a new account would request that a contract be created so that the customer could sign it as soon as the terms were approved by the rep's Sales Manager.

In designing the contract request "bundle" template, a Request Admin adds one or more forms to the bundle and then add fields to each form in order to capture the variable information needed for their company's contract. The forms in a bundle can be reordered and deleted to meet changing needs. The Bundle feature is useful if the company's standard contract includes more than one document, such as a Master contract and a Schedule. A Request Admin can links a form in the bundle to an existing additional form in order to capture additional information for the new contract.

A Request Admin can also apply a profile rule to the template to hide a form in the bundle when a specific condition is met so that the user does not have to complete the form when making a contract request. Similarly, a profile rule can be written to hide an additional form linked to the Request template. Profile rules can also be written to perform other actions when the template is used to make a contract request, such as disabling a field, requiring a field to be populated, forcing the value of a field, or populating a field with a default value.

For those contract requests that do not require approval, there is a Self Service option that can be enabled in the template so that the user's contract request automatically generates a Contract Profile in Conga Contracts and the attached document is stored in the Profile.

Contract requests are submitted from the Contracts menu in the Navigation Toolbar when the user selects the Requests link, and then clicks the New Request button in their My Requests screen. This New Request button only displays if an Administrator allows the user to make a contract request by selecting Full or Contract Request Only in the Classification field in their User Profile.

A Request Admin can perform the following tasks associated with a request bundle type template:

A Request Unlock Admin (user with the Request Unlock Admin permission) can perform the following task for a locked self-self contract request: