A user with the Profile Rules Admin permission can edit a profile rule for an additional form that is linked to a Contract, Company, or Project Profile in order to change the type or amount of information captured by the form.

  1. In the Profile Rules Admin screen, locate the Profile Type: Contract Additional Forms category (or Profile Type: Company Additional Forms or Profile Type: Project Additional Forms). 


    All categories in the screen are expanded by default, displaying all the additional fields and the additional forms. Click on the collapse ^ icon for one or more categories to increase the viewing area for another category.

  2. Locate the additional form whose profile rule you want to edit, and click on it to select it.
  3. In the Profile Rules Edit screen, locate the profile rule in the Rules section.
  4. Click on the rule name to select it and enable its Condition and Action fields.
  5. Edit the information in theRules, Conditions, and Actions sections. 


    A single profile rule can contain multiple conditions and multiple actions for a condition.

  6. Click Save.