Users with the List Admin permission manage the item selections in the default and additional field lists in Conga Contracts program screens. From the List Administration screen, List Admins define the available selections in a list to ensure users capture a specific type/category of information when populating the field in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile screen. The item selections in lists can also be managed in many of the program screens linked to these Profiles, such as company addresses, people, and relationships; contract clauses and responsible people; and shared features like additional fields, additional forms, documents, global translations, and workflow routing tables.

The User Profile screen is a special use case of the Lists feature in that it contains five generic fields lists, labeled People Field 1 - People Field 5. List Admins not only define the item selections in each list, but also change the default name of each field in order to give meaning to the selections.

The Lists feature is also used to identify the required fields in the Company, Contract, and Project Profile screens, as well as required fields in the Person Profile screen, which is used to store information on company contacts, program users, and external people who participate in Conga Contracts. Another function of the Lists feature is to provide a Quick Tip, which assists a user in populating a field in a program screen and appears when the user hovers over the field.

Individual categories, as well as the field lists within each category, can be viewed and located in the List Administration screen and include the following:

Field CategoryField List NameProfile ScreenField Can Be RequiredField Has Quick Tip
AddressLocation TypeLocation Profile

Click the Locations link in a Company Profile, and select the Add Location button

Clause LibraryClause Category, Clause Type, Clause SecurityClause Profile

Click on the Clauses link in the Contracts menu in the Navigation Toolbar, and select the New Clause button.

CompanyCompany Category, Company Group, Company Type, Company Status, Company Additional NamesCompany Profile

Click on the New Company link in the Companies menu in the Navigation Toolbar.

Company Additional FieldsVariable - added by AdministratorsCompany ProfileYesYes
Company Additional FormsVariable - added by AdministratorsCompany ProfileYesYes
ContractAdditional Party Type, Address Type, Contract Group, Agreement Type, Contract Status, Contract Type, Contract ResponsibilitiesContract Profile

Click on the New Contract link in the Contracts menu in the Navigation Toolbar.

Contract Additional FieldsVariable - added by AdministratorsContract ProfileYesYes
Contract Additional FormsVariable - added by AdministratorsContract ProfileYesYes
DocumentsDocument Type Group, Document TypesDocument Profile

Click on the Documents link in a Company or Contract Profile, and select the New Document button.

Global TranslationsVariesContract Profile, Company Profile, Project ProfileNoNo
PeoplePeople FunctionsContract Profile, User Profile, Person ProfileYesNo
PersonPeople Field 1 - People Field 5User ProfileNoYes
ProjectProject Group, Project Status, Project TypeProject ProfileAll fields required by defaultNo
Project Additional FieldsVariable - added by AdministratorsProject ProfileYesYes
Project Additional FormsVariable - added by AdministratorsProject ProfileYesYes
RelationshipCompany RelationshipCompany ProfileNoNo
WorkflowRouting Table CategoryContract Profile, Company Profile, Project ProfileNoNo