Simultaneous edits to the same Company, Contract, or Project Profile results in only the edits of the user who saves the profile last to be saved. To avoid this issue, the ability to perform simultaneous editing can be disabled in the System Settings screen.

Contracts is a complex and dynamic contract management solution that offers a myriad of features to support the needs of its users and Administrators. While Contracts accommodates several users and Administrators performing different functions simultaneously, there are instances where two or more Administrators performing edits to the same data at the same time results in lost edits, and may cause their browser to lock up or crash. When the uncommon situation arises wherein Administrators perform simultaneous edits to the same data, Contracts only recognizes the edits that were saved last, and disregards the prior edits.

An example is provided in the following scenario:

  1. Administrator #1 and Administrator #2 open the same Contract Additional Form at the same time to make edits.
  2. Administrator #1 adds a new field list (e.g., Delivery Method) to the form, and then saves the Additional Form.
  3. Meanwhile, Administrator #2 is deleting a field list (e.g., Accuracy of Delivery) from the same Additional Form. Administrator #2 saves their edits to the form after Administrator #1 has saved their edits.
  4. Contracts would recognize only the edits made by Administrator #2 (deletion of Accuracy of Delivery field list), and the edits entered by Administrator #1 (addition of new Delivery Method field list) would not be saved.

A System Administrator can disable simultaneous editing by selecting the Enable profile edit locks check box in the System Settings screen.