Existing workflow templates are viewed and managed from the Workflow Templates browse screen. A workflow template contains a set of steps used in one of your company's processes or procedures and is used in conjunction with a Workflow Team that identifies a group of people who can complete the steps, as well as a Routing Table if any of the workflow steps require approval.

  1. Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click Workflow Templates.
  2. In the Workflow Templates browse screen, locate a template using one of the following options:
  3. Scroll through the list.
  4. Click on the Name header to sort workflow templates in ascending or descending order.
  5. Click on a workflow template to display the Workflow Template Edit screen where you can review the steps in the workflow, as well as the restrictions for using the workflow. 
    • From this screen, you can also edit and delete the workflow template.
  6. To add a new workflow template, or make a copy of an existing template, click New in the toolbar of the Workflow Templates browse screen.