The Application Programming Interface (API) settings allow the System Administrator to monitor the new companies, contracts, and projects that users enter in the Contracts system, as well as any updates they make to the Company, Contract, and Project Profiles. This monitoring occurs via individual web hooks, which Administrators can set up to automatically "call back" information that users attempt to save to the Contracts system, while informing users via system messages that their new or updated data has not been saved. Web hooks can be set up to monitor data that has been entered before or after a user adds or updates company, contract, or project data.

Navigation ToolbarClick on the Gear Icon to display a menu, and select System Settings to display the System Settings screen.

Note: If the System Settings link is not present, you do not have permission to change the system settings in Conga Contracts.

API Settings tabClick on the tab to display the API Settings screen.
Default Media Type listSelect application/xml or application/json to identify your company's REST API.
Default Secret fieldEnter the password for your REST API.
Default URLEnter the URL for your REST API.
New buttonClick to set up a new web hook record.
Hook Type listMake a selection in the list to set up the first type of web hook you want to create. The options are Before/After Company Save, Before/After Contract Save, and Before/After Project Save.
URL fieldClick in the field to enable it, and enter the URL for the web hook. This is typically the URL located on your company's intranet.
Media Type listSelect Use default if you want to use the media type you selected for the API (Step C). Otherwise, select application/xml or application/json to identify the media type for the web hook.
Secret fieldClick in the field to enable it, and enter the password for the web hook.

Repeat Steps F-J to add additional web hooks.

Delete iconIf you want to delete a web hook record, click on its X icon.
Save buttonClick Save to save the API settings.