You need the System Settings Admin permission to standardize the information contained in the different types of email messages sent from Contracts. You can standardize each message type by providing the text for the message, identifying the program fields to be included in the message, and adding any disclaimers. A company logo can also be added to each message type to identify your company as the sender, rather than Contracts.

There are 11 types of system email messages that can be standardized: Tasks, Events, Messaging, Workflow, Request Created, Request Accepted, Request Declined, Request Reassigned, Scorecard, Flow, and Flow Notification that a step needs to be completed.

  1. Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the System Settings link in the menu.
  2. In the System Settings screen, click the Email Settings tab.
  3. In the Email Settings view of the screen, select the type of email message you want to standardize in the Email Type list. By default, Tasks is selected.
  4. Clear the Selected check box for each program field you do not want to include in the email message. By default, all checkboxes are selected.
  5. A program field is appended with Company, Contract, or Project if it is not located in the screen of the selected email type.
  6. (Optional) Enter text in the Information field to provide a standard message, along with the data from the program fields included in the email message. Your text appears at the beginning of the message.
  7. (Optional) Enter text in the Disclaimer field to provide a legal disclaimer for all email messages of this type.
  8. (Optional) Click Select in the Custom Email Logo field and follow the onscreen prompts to add a custom logo to the message type. Logos that are 185 pixels (wide) by 40 pixels (tall) are recommended.
  9. Click Save.