You need the System Settings Admin permission to migrate data, which involves exporting data from a previous version of the software, and then importing the exported data into the most recent version of the software. This is necessary if your company is hosting the software on their server, instead of using the Contracts server. Your company's software should be synchronized with the current version of the software whenever Contracts makes a major upgrade, which is usually every 3-4 months.

Exporting and Importing System Data

  • Contracts has a new and simplified user interface for exporting and importing data.
  • You must export the data added to your instance of Contracts before synchronizing the software or data will be lost, such as additional forms, workflow templates, and list items. Once your company's software has been successfully upgraded to the new release, you must import the exported data.
  • The Import and Export tools are accessible in System Settings under the Administration section of Conga Contracts.

Exporting Data

  • Data export must be performed prior to the synchronization of your software with the software currently running on the URL for Contracts.

Importing Data

  • The import of exported data is performed after the synchronization of your Conga Contracts software with the most recent version of Contracts.
  • To import data into Contracts with the Import tool, click the Choose File button and select the file containing the data. Once selected, click the Import button to successfully import the data from the file.