The People Functions list in the List Administration screen is used to define and manage the functions that program users, company contacts, and external participants can be assigned in performing program tasks. The Person Field, which is added to an additional form or as an additional field in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile, is linked to the People Functions list.

The People Functions list is present in the following program screens:

  • User Profile screen - User Admin assigns functions to individual users.
  • Person Profile screen in a Company Profile - Users assign functions to company contacts.
  • Person Profile screen in a Company Profile - Users assign responsibilities to a contract.
  • Person Profile screen for a company contact or and external person, which is available to individual users from theirTools by selecting the People link and then clicking a person record in the Person Browse screen.

The Person Field is a system-generated list that replaces a function with the names of the users who can perform the selected function whenever an Additional Forms Admin adds the field to the default Contract, Company, or Project Profile screen as an additional field, or to an additional Company, Contract, or Project form.

A user with the List Admin permission can perform the following tasks associated with the Functions list:

     There are five People Field lists that are used as additional combo lists in the User Profile screen and managed from the List Administration screen.