A Profile Rule can include a formula that is applied to a field in an additional form or a field in the Contract, Company, or Project Profile screen, resulting in the automatic population of the field. A formula is typically comprised of one or more of the default and/or additional fields in a Profile screen that are combined with math operators (+, –, * , and /) in order to calculate the value of a related field in the Profile screen. A formula can also be created to calculate and auto-populate a field in an additional form captured in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile using one or more of the related fields in the form.

A second use of a formula in a Profile Rule is to concatenate, or link, two or more fields in an additional form or fields in the Contract, Company, or Project Profile screen, and then display these linked fields as a string of characters in another field in the additional form or Profile screen.

In creating a Profile Rule formula, the formula is set up as an action, and this action is carried out by Conga Contracts through the population of a field in a Profile screen or an additional form. For example, you can set up a Profile Rule for a Project Profile that includes a formula that auto-populates the Project Cost additional field in the Profile screen when a user populates the Number of Man-Hours and the Cost Per Man-Hour additional fields by setting up a formula that states Project Cost = Number of Man-Hours * Cost Per Man-Hour.

A formula can be contingent upon a condition, as defined in the Profile Rule, which must be met before Conga Contracts applies the formula to the field, but if no condition is set, the Profile Rule runs the formula on all Contract, Company, or Project Profiles. All fields used in a formula in a Profile Rule must be mandatory in order to capture the data necessary to correctly calculate or concatenate the targeted field.

In creating a formula for a Profile Rule, the following topics apply: