The Project Profile contains three default field lists that a user with the List Admin permission must populate with selections: : Project Group, Project Type, and Project Status. These lists allow the List Admin to control how projects are categorized and typed, which facilitates searching for specific project data. Managing the items in the field lists in a Project Profile is accomplished from the List Administration screen.


The Project Group field list is used as a security measure to control user access to Project Profiles. A List Admin can create a restricted project group list item and assign projects whose profiles need to be available to only select users to the restricted project group through their user role.

A List Admin can perform the following tasks associated with the default field lists in a Project Profile:

In addition to the default field lists in the Project Profile screen, lists can be added to program screens for other features linked to a Project Profile: Additional Fields, Documents, Workflows, and Additional Forms.

Project Additional Fields

Within the Project Profile is a section where Administrators can add additional fields in order to customize the default Profile screen. If any of the fields added to the Project Additional Fields section of the Profile are field lists, Administrators must also provide these list selections and then manage the selections, which includes editing, disabling, and deleting list selections.

Project Document Lists

The Project Profile contains a link to the Documents screen, where users can upload, edit, and download documents. The Documents screen contains two field lists used to capture specific data about the document: Document Type Groups and Document Types. A List Admin is responsible for providing the selections in both of these field lists.

A List Admin can perform the following tasks associated with the field lists in the Documents screen:

Project Workflow List

The Project Profile contains a link to the Workflows screen, where users can use the Workflow Wizard to create a workflow for a project-related task.

A user with the Workflow Admin permission creates the templates used in the Workflow Wizard. If a step in the workflow template requires the approval of more than one person, the Workflow Admin must add a routing table to identify the user functions that can approve the Gateway, or approval step. When adding a routing table, there is a Category list in the Routing Table Edit screen that is used to identify the type of routing table being added, and a Workflow Admin must provide the list selections for the Category list. Therefore, the Workflow Admin must also have the List Admin permission.

A List Admin can perform the following tasks associated with the Category field list in the Routing Table Edit screen:

Additional Form Lists

The Project Profile contains an Additional Forms link, which takes users to a browse screen listing all of the forms that have been linked to the Profile for the purpose of capturing additional project information. Users with the Additional Forms Admin permission design these forms using the Additional Forms feature and the forms are listed as categories in the List Administration screen, according to the name given to the form, if the form contains one or more field lists. Field lists appear as entries under the form name category and a user with the List Admin permission must manage the selections in the additional form field lists using the same procedures used to manage those in other CompanyProject Profile lists.